Focus Power

Focus Power

Nutrition Facts

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Focus Power supports memory function. We utilize a superior, more powerful & more bioavailable form of B-12, Methylcobalamin and others use Cyanocobalamin which is a synthetic form of B-12 and has less bioavailability. Other great ingredients are the Bacopa Monnieri Extract and Vitamin B-3 combined with Alpha GPC for maximum absorption.

The Vitamin B12 in Focus Power helps support memory loss,slow aging, and to boost mood, energy, concentration, mental function and the immune system

Some research suggests that a vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to dementia and memory problems, therefore a daily intake of B-12 supports the whole body.

Focus Power Product Facts

Free of wheat, processed sugars, syrup, gluten, corn, salt, hydrogenated oils, soy, barley, dairy, egg, yeast, caffeine, synthetic sweeteners, artificial color, fragrance, preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and genetically modified organisms (GMO's).

Free of heavy metals, sodium benzoate, potassium chloride, or other artificial preservatives. No heat, acid, or chemicals used during processing.

Contains no flow agents, fillers or excipients.